Prayer for job loss and financial hardship and strength to deal with family issues

Dear God, I’m praying to you because my family has been through years of financial hardship. My husband can’t work and is on a fixed income for the past seven years. I put myself through school with three young children and thought I was set in my job.

I just lost my job and am now back to square one. I have a huge student loan and piles of bills. Please Dear Lord, help us through this. We haven’t been able to take the kids on a real vacation in eight years!!! We are always running to catch up with our bills. We don’t own a huge house or even fancy cars. Right now, we’re living paycheck to paycheck. We just need a break. My husband’s health is not that great and I need to support the family…please hear my prayers….I know I haven’t been going to church and have probably lost some faith…but I am trying…..

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  1. God Bless

    Although it may seem as though your going through so much right now be glad for everything you do have! Remember Jesus never said you would have the most lavish and perfect life, so do not worry about owning a big house or any of that. That is materialism and it will not get you far with your faith through Christ. You need to remember that Jesus is ALWAYS watching out for you, no matter how tough the situation seems to be, He will always be there for you. You don’t exactly need church to worship Him anyways! Although it is nice to go, you can always make time to worship Him in your own home. Make family prayers and bible study time with the kids throughout the day, and always remember to be grateful for what you do have, not what you don’t! Don’t lose faith!!!

    In Jesus Name I Pray,

  2. Prayer for job loss and financial hardship and strength to deal with family issues

    Lord Jesus i need your intervention in my financial and my family life.As am seriously facing hard time with my family.I also come against any spirit of death in my family,precisely untimely death in the family.And i know God will never forsake us in thy mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  3. Take courage, be thankful.

    I understand what you are going through now. Take courage, be still, stay calm. Be thankful for what you have right now, now matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Realize that there is someone out there who has a bigger crisis , a heavier burden than yours. So you are still fortunate and blessed. Say a prayer of thanks for God is here for you.

  4. God loves you

    God is always with us. My family too has gone through financial hardship. Also, my husbands health was not to good. He gave me the strength I needed to get through this hard time. Now, things are getting better as they will for you. One door closes and another one opens.

  5. My husband lost his job

    Please help us have the faith and strength to get through this hardship. My husband just lost his job and we live paycheck to paycheck. We have 3 children and all I can do is worry. I feel like we are always being tested and I look at my family and friends around us and say why always us? What are we doing wrong.

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