prayer for job availability

by Kelsey (Mt Pleasant MI)

I recently lost my job. In these hard times, i’m finding it extreamly difficult to find employment.

I’ve lost confidence in myself and in my abilities. I need peace. I need confidence that the right and perfect position will come my way.

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  1. I need a job prayer

    I am a senior citizen and I am desperate for a job. I have been looking forever and noting. I am going to lose my electric and everything all on the same day. I am not afraid to work. I am on disability but they do not even gve you enough to cover electric and rent. I have medications and all I want is a job. I am very depressed. I am starting to believe that I wouid be better off not here. Please I live in Va and in Northern Va area. I have over 16 years experience in customer service and receptionist experience. If anybody knows anyjob PLEASE I am looking hard.

  2. I symphatized with you

    I am in the same situation as you are now. Its been so hard to find employment & they always require some kind of certification & experience, but how can I be expericienced if no one hire me to do the job in the first place. For the past 5 years I’ve been on & off employment. Been doing work that is very hard & working with people who dont like me and stabs me at the back, but I still keep working & try tothe job best. Until one day I really cant take it anymore or they just kick me out of the door. I am really losing faith in myself, I feel am getting dumber & dumber everyday. I also dont drive which makes it much harder for me & very limited. They say just keep counting your blessings & thats what I keep doing. I will pray for both of us. Take care of yourself, lets continue to keep praying, counting our blessings (big & small) & thank God for everything in our life

  3. prayer for employment

    I resently lost my job 2 months ago and i’ve been searching for jobs asking people i no searching online but most of what is availible require some kind of paper or qualifications which i dont have but what i do know is with training i can get the job done i just want when i apply that the employers could see pass my lack of qualifications and give me a chance to prove myself because right now am really desperate for a job i have debts to pay and i have no finances

  4. I pray that you find employment

    I sympathize with your anxiety and on top of that the loss of confidence in your abilities. I was feeling like that tonight. Praying is helping me feel more hopeful and I will keep praying to regain our confidence. God bless you and your family.

  5. Trust me

    Jobs are available, always, no matter the economy. You just need self confidence to get through this change. But trust me. There are jobs, and if you search for them, you will find one. I have one ready for you in a short time. In the mean time, keep looking and applying and take care of your family, I am giving you this time to do so. Use it. Do not dissapoint me for I have given you and them this time. You have forced me to.

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