Prayer For Job and Financial blessings

Dear Lord,

I come to you with open arms asking that you bless me with the job I have applied for, or the ones that have turn me down, before I have had the chance to prove myself….

I am working temp and I appreciate this… but with no benefits… I am about to go through some changes in my live that I thought would never happen… and some days I don’t know which way to turn.

But I know you will supply my every need if I just ask I am asking you now Lord…

for my partner to come back home, and do the right thing by the family and if not Lord…

help me to have the strength to go on an provide for our family financially and spiritually…

In your name I pray AMEN

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  1. Lord I'm in need for a job and financial problem

    Father god I come to you right now my marriage fell apart my husband move in with another woman he left me with all the bills by myself I have 6 children I have to take care of its hard right now I thank you father that we have a roof over our head and have food on our table everyday I pray that things will get better for my children could have the things they need that’s all that matter to me is them so thank you so much father god

  2. job & financially

    I am currently unemployed I’ve been unemployed for some time now I’ve been trying to find some work filling out a job application for almost two weeks I hate head job interviews but no ones hired me I have another job interview coming up on Monday at 2 o’clock . I need each other very badly provide for my family funds that have financial problems do because I do not have a job with income so I’m asking for as many prayers we cross out the eyes to please help Free with me and my children and I will get lessons by finding a job and financially funds thank you for your time and your patience on reading this page I am very new at this prayer request until then may God be with everyone and God bless… PS.. thank you so very much

  3. prayer for a blessing of a job

    I pray dear Lord please for you to intervene and bless me with a job opportunity. I am in a homeless shelter and I really need favor in finding work quickly.I am learning from my pass mistakes and I am learning from them and I ask for your forgiveness and please give me another chance for employment and forgive me for straying from your path.Please Lord bless me with a job opportunity so I can get my life together and live a responsible and productive life I’m asking for your help so I can prosper and and grow and please help me not to give up hope and my faith because I do beleive that you have a wonderful plan for me and please intervene and help remine me to be still and know that you are God and I pray for others in need I thank you in Jesus name I pray amen

  4. prayer for a blessing of a new job

    Lord I ask for a blessing of a job. I am currently in a homeless shelter and I am in desperate need of this blessing. I went on an interview last week and I ask for favor for a second interview. I am learning from my pass mistakes and I pray that you will please giveme this blessing. I also ask for a financial blessing of the house that my father left me when he passed away will sell quickly because I have only a few dollars left and I dont know what I am going to do. I pray that you will please carry me through this difficult time and not to give up hope and my faith please dear Lord please hear my cry and please grant me these blessings. I am ready to live a responsible and productive life and I want to live by your word thank so much in Jesus name I pray amen

  5. Praying for a job and financial blessings

    Dear Lord I come before you with a humble heart, I’m at your mercy, hear my cry Almighty Father, do not pass me by oh Lord. My heavenly Father you know the desires of my heart and everything is owned by you. Bless me Lord according to your riches and raise a testimony in me, for Your children are always provided for. I pray for a permanent or long term job as what I have now is very temporal and does not allow me to engage in financial commitments. I appreciate it Lord, it is a blessing as well but hear me Lord, I believe Lord you didn’t bring me this far to desert me Lord. As you prepare my blessings oh Lord I also pray for my life partner, give me a God fearing man Lord, one that will not hinder my relationship with you. I love you Lord and I have faith in you Lord. I pray in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

  6. Help Us All Precious Lord

    I pray that God will give you a permanent Job as well. Dear Lord I to and in need of a permanent Job. You know my family needs. I am in debt because I tried to take things on myself and take out so many payday loans, now they are due and I don;t have the money to pay for them. Lord you know my situation, we are in the process of adopting and I want to be able to take care of our girls without depending on what they get. Please Lord come through here and leave us with a career to show the many talents that you have blessed us with. I know that this time I will not leave you nor forget you. Please Lord. I thank you that it is done in Jesus name. Amen

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