Prayer for Jacob & his family

by Linda (San Antonio, TX)

St. Joseph,

Please take my petition so that you may present it to your precious Son, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please Sweet Jesus save Jacob from the brink of death. He made a bad choice and now he is on the brink of death. Father, if you take him, his new wife will be devastated, as well as his father who raised him by himself.
I pray, please Lord may You find it in Your Will to deliver him with a full recovery. Let there be no brain damage as has been assessed by the doctors. If you give him a full recovery, may he acknowledge and refute the evils of drug addiction in the name of Jesus Christ, so that he may become of service to you in eternal gratitude. I also ask that you increase your Mercy in Jacob’s father; may You bring solace and peace to his heart & soul. Jacob’s father loves You my Jesus, with all his heart, and is devoted to You. But, right now, he is watching his baby die, and he is beside himself. St. Joseph, I bring this petition to you with all my Heart., I know that you will take this petition to my Jesus. I thank you. Please pray for Jacob & Mike.

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