Prayer for irrational anxiety

by Dominique ()

I am needing major prayer for anxiety. I worry and stress over irrational things and it is hard for me to move past those thoughts and focus on other things. My grades in school are being affected because I am unable to focus properly. I really need serious prayer that God will relieve me from this pit in my life. I have been praying constantly for a month. Please help me to realize that God is listening and that He will answer my prayers in His own time. Thank you.

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  1. Peace Be With You

    I will pray for you. I also struggle with anxiety and obsessive worries. I understand what you are going through. Try to think of what the odds of something that is worrying you will actually happen. It’s probably highly unlikely. Most of the things we worry about never come to pass.

    But keep praying for peace of mind. I believe God truly answers our prayers. I think it’s best to pray to God not just for our wants and desires, but also to express contrition for our sins and to thank Him for all the good things He has given us. Tell Him exactly what help you need. Usually, but not always right away, something changes or happens that will make you life better.

    Remember, God is merciful and will hear your prayer.

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