Prayer for Intervention and Removal of Obstacles in Life

by Affected Female Professional (Lusaka, Zambia)

O Lord, I call upon you to intervene and remove all the obstacles in my life Lord. Lord of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham, I call upon you to open doors of prosperity for me Lord, let me to get back to work soon Lord. Father I pray that you break all the chains tied around me hindering my social, economic and maternal progression Lord.

I pray father that you tie chains on the lawyers and directors of micro finance company targeting my house Lord together with their accomplices in the judiciary Lord. Father release all my funds which my former employers are holding onto Lord, and let me be compensated for the injustice they have made me to suffer for the past 15 years Lord.

Drop food for me and my family Lord, drop money for me Lord, drop that job offer soon Lord, grant me the four bedroomed house I have been longing for Lord, grant me another vehicle Lord, I pray for a Mercedes benz SUV or latest Range Rover Lord, I pray that all my bills be paid Lord. Father I pray that those that are targeting me make mistakes which will burn them and get them to jail Lord.

I spit fire on all those that have plotted to ruin me Lord, let them make more mistakes to their own detriment Lord, uplifted and exhault me Lord. In Jesus Holly name father let their false lawsuits in court fail, annulled and be voided Lord. Let the world know their misdeeds Lord.

Father I ask you to intervene in all the harrassing mockery lawsuits they have exposed me to Lord. Be and Continue being my advocate Lord, in Jeses Holly name I claim back all that they stole from me through the courts Lord. Father Go before me to New York and prepare my way, security and well being.I clakim, my job, my relationship, my child my fertility Lord, All the blessings that have been robbed from me Lord and a fruit full future for my son.

Send food for us Lord, we are on empty stomachs due to persecution. Tie the persecutors feet from progressing theirl evil and let them catch fire in their deeds. Amen

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