Prayer for Intercession

by Anthony's (Pittsburgh)

Dear Lord, my son has dedicated his life to the honor of serving as a U.S. naval officer in the service of our country; his goals are neither fortune nor fame, but rather to protect those who cannot defend themselves. He battled and overcame rheumatoid arthritis in pursuit of this honorable goal.

Today he learned the Navy may not medically accept him because he once was sick, but is now cured because of the blessings you bestowed upon him. Please bring wisdom to the hearts and minds of those charged with such important decisions and help them see that our country and it’s navy would be blessed to have among its ranks such an honorable, intelligent and compassionate leader.

Christ’s touch made the blind see; please bring Christ’s touch upon the minds of these decision-makers so they too can see the righteousness of my son’s goal and it’s cause. Please also help me to be an effective conduit by which this blessing is bestowed upon my son. I am among the least deserving of answers to my prayers, but I firmly believe this prayer will be answered because of it’s just and right cause.

Amen and Gratias!

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