Prayer for Intercession in our Marriage

Dear Father in Heaven,

My heart breaks as I can only look to you Lord to intercede in our marriage as we rapidly speed towards divorce.

May I not feel powerless and trust implicitly in the knowledge that through Your grace there will be a restoring of what was once so beautiful, and that Your gracious healing will come to pass in the coming days so we become one again.

I rest in Your love and know that only You Lord can defeat all which comes against us. Tear down all which does in Jesus name.

My husband came to you Lord but is now back-slidden reverting to his old ways. I pray that there will be an activating event which will draw him closer once again into your tender loving care where the devil’s long shadow will no longer cover and covet him.

Merciful God, I beseech thee to act with the speed of a lightning rod before more harm is done through fear and recklessness. May You bless the sanctity of our marriage, healing all the hurts and bringing my husband to the recognition that life without his loving wife at His side and his eyes upon You has no meaning. May he come to kneel before You once more in sorrow and regret and feel the absence of the distance which lies between us.

In Jesus name I pray.