Prayer for insomnia and sleeping problems

by Jessica (UK)

Please help me to pray with my health with regards about my sleeping problems which is been a while now..i have trouble about my sleeping disorder every night it really affects my daily life .im getting tired everyday of not getting proper sleep each night and its been a long time now .please help me and pray for me sothat when im in bed my mind is at rest and peace.

another thing im so inlove with my boyfriend.,we only see once a month because of work commitments and he lives 45 minutes drive..please help me to make the relationship a bit more closer and loving we do both love each other and planning to get married in 12 months time but i feel so lonely and frustrated and annoyed sometimes with being not together often..this is also causes my stress in my daily life because i really do love this man at the moment he is more talking nice things in our future but please help me that he shows some actions rather than talking..i would wish and hope that i hope he is gonna be the man of my life…please pray for us especially me not giving enough time.i hope he loves me the same and feel the same way im a bit worried.

last thing,please pray for my financial difficulties,in money wise i been struggling with bills like anyonelse do.please help and pray for me and my family to have more financial abundance and blessings to get out of my financial mess…

thank you so much for all the prayers ..god bless you all..thank you so much from my heart..