Prayer for inner peace while seeking employment

Dear God,

Let me know that dealing with one closed door provides practice for when the next door opens.
Let me know that as long as I’m doing the best I can, you will provide grace and undeserved favor for those areas in which I fall short.
Let prospective employers see the talents I can bring to their company as clearly as the sun, even when I lack the words to articulate them clearly in interviews.
Let me see this time as a reminder that all I have and will have comes from no one but you, whether I am employed or unemployed.
Inspire me with ideas and present me with opportunities that will enable me to fulfill your divine will through my life, so that I will not have to waste any portion of it in idleness, worry and lack.
Provide me with a means to be prosperous, so that I will be a shining representation of what it means to be a soldier for your kingdom.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

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  1. Meaningful Prayer

    This prayer is the embodiment of my situation and thoughts. I have been employed part-time now for several years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, but I am working as a personal caregiver for my son because I have only one client. I am not trained in the health field and feels uncomfortable around sick people especially if they are bed-ridden. I was a factory worker for six years before it closed and went to college to reinvent myself. It only led me into debt and no job. I have been praying for employment that would allow me to build God’s Kingdom and fulfill my financial obligations as well. I do know that God will work everything out for my good. I have faith in him because he has been with me and my children through some dark times. He continues to shine his light on us and for that I will be forever thankful. We would never have made it without him. Please pray for us and that I find employment to help me pay my bills. God Bless us All!!! Amen

  2. Beautiful prayer

    What a beautiful prayer. Everything I am feeling, but didn’t have the words to say. I know God is smiling down on you and pray that your prays will be answered soon.

  3. beautiful prayer

    This prayer is a beautiful one in that it captures and puts into words my thoughts so clearly. I must indeed trust that Jesus the Lord will show me the way and be by my side through this difficult journey. I know not why i fret because Jesus has been with me through my life journey and has never abandoned me…… ever

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