Prayer for In-Laws

I am marrying a man that I love and he loves me. our relationship is strengthened by God and so we have decided to what is right in Gods eyes and be married. his family was very close to his ex girlfriend and I feel as though they do not accept or like me for him. I know it means a lot to him to have them accept me and I want him to be happy and I really want to have a strong relationship with his parents and his cousins and grandma. I love him and I know that the first impression that had of me is not very nice. I recently lost my mom this year and I just know how important everyday is. I want us to be strong and happy and in love and to have a wonderful bond with everyone.

I ask in Jesus name that they give me a chance and intime find a friend in me and love me.
I really want this to happen. my faith is bigger than a mustard see, and I know God will see this come to pass.
Please pray with me.

Thank You

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