Prayer for immediate money

by SJ (Singapore)

Dear Lord it has been forty over years I’ve been struggling in my live. All the blessings coming to me seems very incomplete. Forgive me for all my sins. I thank you for all the blessings. Help me to fulfill my responsibilities towards my daughter, mother n my grand daughter.

Even I’m without a husband for the past 29 years I’m fine. But without money is very terrible. When u bless me I share my blessings with my loved ones n I do tithings. Why r u still punishing n testing me? I’m unable to take it anymore. I believe in ur miracles all my life.

I see those who r stingy seems to be richer than those who r generous. Oh Lord my beloved God bless me generously concerning money right now! Amen! Thank you for the prayers.

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  1. May you have abundance

    I pray for you, that God will show you he has cared for you all this time and is helping in your life.

  2. money

    i need money i have so many problems that the need money fast please can your help asap please

  3. prayer works

    Well the prayer for imdate money work ..just try it……it work for me…it might not b much…but it helps

  4. Prayer to be succesful& Rich in His Name

    Dear Heavenly Father I Know I am not Perfect and I am a sinner ,but I strive and try to do Good .My Lord I pray that you Bless me with Riches and Happiness as well as Prosperity so I can be able to break the circle of poverty in my family .

    I pray to do so without selling my soul to the devil because I Believe that all Riches belong to YOU.


  5. Homr

    Dear God, my Father, my best friend,I
    You have always been there for me even though I am a sinner and truly not worthy of all you do for me. I am truly sorry for all my sins because they have hurt others but most of all because they offend you. I pray for your endless mercy. Please foregive me of my sins and the sins of my family. I also turn to you during this very difficult time for your support. My family’s home will be taken from us soon. I know there are people suffering greater tragedies and more deserving of your help. Please even a small crum of your help will make a difference. Please help us keep our home and pay our financial debt. I trust in you and surrender all my worries to you. In Jesus’s name Amen

  6. Financial struggles

    I am asking for prayers so I can get monies to pay off my Dept’s. It is very frustrating i am retired. I ask this in Jesus name.Amen.

  7. Prayer for money to pay my Dept

    My Lord and savour I ask you to please help me and my husband to pay our dept we owe so much money to people we can’t cope with the pressure and worry everyday of not having any money for bills and to look after our children at this very time I’m writing this I’m so full of hopelessness because we need nineteen hundred euro in the morning to pay three people please Jesus help us get through this I know you can do anything Jesus will you please send us the money some how through the intercession of your blessed virgin mother Mary and all the angels and saints help us for give me of my sins father and help me be a better person. Our lady sweet virgin I’m sorry for my sins please ask your divine son Jesus to answer my request Jesus would never refuse you anything sweet mother thank you and cover us Jesus in your preshus blood

  8. Debt


    We come before your to ask for forgiveness for we have put our trust in worldly things and not you first. Let us come before the the king of kings the holy one and trust you you in answering our prayers in your time not ours. May each one of us hold each other up in prayer daily and seek you first in all we do.
    Thank you Lord our Father who takes care of his children. May our lives glory you and light up the world with Christ likeness.


    You have help many times when in the past as I was in business, you gave me and my wife everything, then all of a sudden in my old age, you took everything I owned from both of us, and now it’s a real chore trying to get back enough money to pay all our bills and to lead again another prosperous life. I ask this in the name of JESUS.

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