Prayer for Immediate Miracle Financial Assistance

by Lyn (Malaysia)

Dear Lord,
I want to praise You for all blessings that You have showered upon me and my husband. You have continued to sustain us through Your grace, Your mercies and Your love. I admit I have sinned and lost sight of You many times and have been bad at financial management.

But each time I am in trouble, I have cried out to You and You have saved me. Thank You Lord for loving us, showering miracles of financial assistance from friends and family, and somehow providing for us the last one year.

Since a year ago, when my husband suffered his second (and more serious) stroke, my life has turned upside down … in confusion, stress, worries, anxiety, sleepless nights, not knowing how to handle the situation with his health and also having to deal with our monthly financial commitments.

I have changed my activities and everything I do now circles around how to take care of my husband and manage the whole situation. I have had to stop work to care for him as he is unable to work and was eventually terminated. With no source of income, no savings and mounting debts, and the banks calling up, I know I am unable to handle this any longer. I commit all these burdens to You Lord.

Please help to provide immediate financial miracles to help us settle the monthly financial commitments.

In this situation over the last year, You have guided me to realize I need You in my life and in all that I do. I come to You now Lord, forgive me Lord. I pray for Your Spirit to fill me and renew me, so that I may accept and embrace thy ways in my thoughts, words and actions, that I may glorify Your Name and Your works in my daily life.

I am ready to change my ways and I have already taken steps to change our daily lives and routines and how we do things and save wherever I can; and now I want You to be the focus of my life. I claim Your promise of a glorious life with You in eternity. Thank you for this situation as I have grown closer to You and also, stronger in my faith

But Lord, I cant do this on my own. I need Your help. Renew me each day. I ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to truly repent and learn, and embrace my renewed life in Christ each day. I ask for Your strength to help resist Satan and his temptations to lure me back to my old self and sinful nature ” I am weak and want to stay close to You each minute of my day. I rejoice in waking up each morning and talking to You, thanking You for giving another wonderful day that I may honor You in all I do.

Great is Thy Faithfulness Lord ” please help reveal Your plans for me and my husband. I thank You for his improvements and pray for his full recovery that he may also be thankful and praise You for Your graciousness and mercy and our healing hand. I thank You Lord for hearing my prayer ” I have been waiting patiently and I will continue to wait on You. Forgive me when I have doubts or worry sometimes or get impatient when sometimes it seems that no solution is in sight ” Your ways are not our ways, so give me the patience to wait on You and abide in You.

Tell me what You need me to do to fulfill Your plans so that Your will be done accordingly Lord. I pray and ask for immediate financial miracles to make the necessary payments that otherwise would mean the fore closure of our house, re-possession of my car and legal action for loans and credit facilities and other outstanding dues. I believe and trust that You will provide and I thank You gratefully.

Continue to watch over us, keep us safe and in good health. I love You Lord. In Jesus name, Amen

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