Prayer for Immediate Financial Help

by Betty (MI)

When my mother died I got the house and all the debt she left behind. I have a daughter with severe depression, and numerous other health issues that need to be taken care of. Due to undiagnosed illness she will also need dentures right away because her teeth are rotten from the year of non-stop throwing up. I am the only one working in the household and the money is running out. No money for taxes, fuel, food, phone, electricity, etc. I need some immediate financial help. I know I am not perfect and certainly I have sinned in the lords eyes but I beg for forgiveness, and a chance to start line free of this burden. Please pray with me that this load is lifted off my shoulders, that my daughter gets better, and the much needed funds come in right away.

God bless all who try to help by praying with us.

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