Prayer for Immediate Amount to Pay for My Debt

by Ryan (Philippines)

My Great God,

The Owner and Provider of all things. I come to you to show me mercy. I’ve done such terrible sins and these sins weakens my faith. Oh Lord, I was so careless in handling my money, careless enough that I don’t consider the future to come. And now I am in trouble. My debts are choking me all the day. Like wolves in the night ready to devour me in a helpless situation.

I have no else to go but to you My God. My God, have mercy in me and forgive my sins. Create in me a clean heart and lead me to Your way. For Your way is easy and light that leads to eternal life. I will declare and worship Your name because You have done many marvelous things.

Thank you My Jesus for answering my prayer. This is all I ask in the loving name of Jesus Christ my Lord, who died for my sins in Calvary, AMEN.

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