Prayer for husbands annulment

Dear loving God,

Please grant grace to my husband and family as we are in limbo during his annulment process. Help me be patient as I wait for the time I can joy in the taking of your blood and body as a full confirmed catholic. I know all things happen in your time, so please help my heart be patient.

Please bless those who are making this big decision for him at our diocese. I need you to fill my heart with your love and guidance at this time because I am in such anticipation to fully complete the RCIA program and join my brothers and sisters in the taking in of you. Bless my husband and fill his heart with love and guidance as well because this whole process has been kind of tough on him.

I know all things are possible through you! I’m just kinda praying for a miracle because time is getting slim until the full conversion takes place and I don’t want to miss out, not because of anything else, because of you and everything you have given me!

It’s the least I can do because I can never give you back what you have done for me! I love you Lord, please forgive my sins and short comings…
I ask this all in Jesus name,

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