Prayer for husband to stay

by Margarita Maldonado (Lebanon)

Heavenly Father, I dont have to say much cause you as a loving Father that you are know me already, but I would like for people to intercede into this prayer, Heavenly and Adored Father I come to you today with a broken heart, my husband of 22 years wants to leave to the Dominican Republic and I dont want him to go, he says that we can meet up there in June when the school finishes for the children, he wants to leave in February of March.

I just feel he is tired of us it’s been 22 years, but I still love him like the 1st day I met him, I don’t want my family to break up we have 3 beautiful children 1st one 19 and she’s in college, 2nd one 17 and he’s in the 11th grade and the last one 12 and she’s in the 6th grade.

What more can he ask for we are doing so well, I don’t understand, I feel the better we are, the more the enemy wants to see us apart. We’ve been through so much, and we have conquered it, so now

I ask for prayers interceding in this situation, so that the Almighty Lord, put his hands over my husband and take aways these thoughts about leaving, do all you have to do but make him stay, do all in your Power, all in your Hands, all that you Have to DO, But keep him here Heavenly Almighty One.

I Pray this in Jesus’ Name, AMEN, AMEN, & AMEN!

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