Prayer for husband to gain employment and doors to open

(Plano, TX, USA)

Dear Lord,

I thank you for your love and presence in our lives. You know our situation Lord. Randy has been unemployed for over two years now. He has had some interviews but no offers. He’s either too experienced or too old or just not quite the right fit.

We do not understand why every door is closed to him. We search for your guidance. Randy has lost confidence in himself and his ability. We need for him to gain employment immediately as our financial situation is desperate. It hurts Randy to not be able to support his family. He has a phone interview for a wonderful job this Friday at 8am CST.

Please guide him thru this interview and let him land this job. We are trusting in you completely Lord, as we know only You have the power to bless us and give us an amazing and glorious future. Please hear and answer our prayers.

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