Prayer for hurting my partner and forgiveness

by Rick Janvier (Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada)

Dear Heavenly Father, I failed by hurting the person that I Love in my life so much. I was angry with her due to the trust between us. She doesn’t trust me and I’m asking for prayers to get that back between us. I have so much stress in my life with my job and monthly maintenance payments that I have to give to my ex-wife every month.

I tried to escape it by turning to alcohol and hurt the person that I Love so much. I pray that the Heavenly Father and with prayers from everyone that I will find the way to heal my relationship and build the trust with her once again. I have been with my girlfriend for almost three years and this is the worst it has become right now. It feels like I lost her. I ask the Heavenly Father by the blood on his body that he shed for all humanity that my relationship will be where it is meant to be with my girlfriend, she forgive me and start anew. I also ask my brothers, sisters, saints and angels to pray that I make the right decision and that my relationship will be rekindled.

In the name of our Heavenly Father!