Prayer for Humans harming Gods temple! There Bodies!

by Kay (SC)

Father God I boldly come to your thrown this day and ask that you remove the harden hearts and the lies from all your sons and daughters that have been miss lead and believed in the devils lies.

Both my sons Father God are harming there temples, and I ask in the Holy Precious name of Jesus Christ remove all this evil that covers them. Allow them to see there worth and allow them to server you all the days of their lives. I not only ask for my own but for all men women and teens. May all the drug abuse stop.

Help the family that are going through such hard ship even those that have children that are being raised in such sinful surroundings. Cover them with your peace heal the broken hearts and mend all broken family’s. All all the lies that the devil has told them to be removed and allow them to know whos the are. Your God and Your Love has been demonstrated unlike anything this world could ever do. The blood of Jesus Christ washes all whom call upon Him and invite Him to be there Lord an Savior! Jesus hear all the Fathers hurting children. Help find home for all the homelessness and feed all the hungry.

Father God thank you for the best gift this world has ever received Jesus Christ! I pray for every heart to repent and receive your peace and all your blessings. God Bless all Gods children! In Jesus Christ Holy name Amen

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