Prayer for Hopelessness and Strength

by Steven (New York City)

Dear God I ask you to hear my prayer at this time of need when I feel alone the most I ask that you please watch over me and my loved ones as we begin to go through this trial and tribulation set before me I noticed difficult at times often unbearable but I understand it is your plan.

I understand that this is your will and I ask is for the guidance walk me through this and get me out of this problem situation help me understand that I am not lost as long as you’re with me help me to understand that it is your will and the matter what you will see me through it.

I understand that nothing that I go through is without your will but please show me the light show me how to keep my faith please help ask you please watch over me as your love is guiding me I leave my worries I leave my troubles in your hands and asked to please grant me comfort in this time of need in your name amen

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