Prayer for hopeless and defeated

Lord I feel weak and hopeless I have been waiting on the man I love for five years and through these five years I have went through a really hard time Lord and things were going good until a girl push her self in between us Lord all my hopes and dreams are dashed because since last week this man just stopped talking to me without a cause he passes me straight and does not even looks at me nor does he make any attempt to do so Lord I am really hurt Lord so hurt lord that I am hopeless I know deep in my heart that he is the one that

I am suppose to marry Lord and will provide a good life for me and I guess she sees that and she wanted what I had Lord now I have no hope any more of him coming back to me and I really want him back but Lord I don’t know what else to do it seems as if this girl constantly is winning all the battles and I am losing Lord my love for him is sincere and true and honest

Lord I beg you to make him see this lord I feel so hopeless right now that I think that we will never get back together again. Lord my parents were so waiting on him for me to get married they have so much hopes lord and now all that is gone they are so disappointed. Lord if you can hear me please send hope or send light in this time of darkness it seems like the light will never shine again in my relationship with this man again.

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