prayer for hope

by Mado Peters (Solingen, NRW, Germany)

Oh my jesus, oh good servant of our father in heaven, through you we commit ourselves, through you we commit all our troubles , our worries, our families to our father Jehova, because you are so good, so kind that you died on the cross for us, heavenly father , grant us your peace, and help us to walk through your path,

father,teach us to forgive oneanother, so that we can leave in a world of peace and harmony, oh lord fill your love in the minds of your people so that we can leave in this world like in paradise.
Oh my jesus I belief in you, because you showed love, sympathy to your people, I thank you lord for sacrificing yourself to mankind, miracle lord, we lay our hopes and trust in you, because you will never fail us, oh jesus help us to commit this prayer to our father Jehova in heaven.Amen.