Prayer for Hope When Waiting for a Miracle

by Mark (Sweden)

Dear God,

We thank you that we woke up to see another great day, they always say God works in mysterious ways, they also say that when good things are about to happen, you might receive plenty of rejection or you might feel there is no hope, this is a sign that God is clearing your path to receive his full blessing, we are only human and some days we can feel depressed that nothing is happening, what we pray for is for God to give us the strength to see us through these days and keep our spirits up, it is also important that when God delivers the blessing as expected, for example a new employment, you have to remember to praise God by offering Tithes, 10% for example of your pay, this is the best way to worship him and give to less fortunate people, God will always see this good deed by man and continue to bless us and give us plentiful than we actually need, This is our hope and prayer in jesus name

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