Prayer for hope & strength against the enemy

by Ray (San Jose,Ca.)

Lord I come to you weakend by the attacks, I beg for strength,guidance and forgiveness.I pray that you give me a calm heart & mind. Though the enemy strikes at me , I know that you will be by my side thru the battle. I pray with all my heart & soul through the trials before me that your light will shine upon me ,granting me favor before those that would destroy me. May your light shine through every molecule in this body , like a holy beacon . Blinding and casting down those that would hurt and destroy your servent. May this prayer Lord Jesus be heard around this world and throughout the universe for a millenium , rendering the enemy useless. Let their words be seen as lies ,like shaff and ashes dried up and blown away in the wind . And washed away by your blessed holy waters , for this I pray in Jesus name ….. Amen

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