Prayer for Hope in the power of God

by Edna (Winnipeg)

Dear Precious Lord. My heart aches for my children who have turned away from their faith. My grandchildren do not know you and have no way of knowing you with their parents feeling as they do. My son is anti religion and a recent posting on his daughter’s facebook account reveals that she has no use for “religious people”.

Reading that was like a sword piercing my heart. I felt hopeless and helpless. But, I know that nothing is impossible with God and so I will continue to pray for my family that they will some day see the Light and be illuminated by it. They complain when things don’t go their way but how easy it would be to simply say, “God, help me.” so I say that for them.

Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for hearing my prayers and never turning aside from me. Praise, Glory and Honor to God always and forever. Amen