Prayer For Hope in my Life

O Lord, I come to you in prayer for hope. I need hope in my life and so does my daughter. We have made many many mistakes in our lives and have paid the supreme price for that. Both of us trusted people who used us and now we are struggling financially because of it.

There are some people who are very dishonest and use your name in doing evil things to others. It is hard to know the real Christians from the ones who are hypocrites. I have encounter the worst of the worst and have suffered greatly for that. I need to move on with my life.

I want to find peace and not look back at my mistakes. My life is the direct result from my mistakes and only if I could go back and not go down those bad roads again and so does my daughter too. But, we cannot so we need your guiding hand to lead us down the right path in life. O Lord, we love you and need you in our lives. My daughter seems to have find someone who she can trust.

I pray this is the year I meet someone who I can spend the rest of my life with and someone who I can trust and help me in all ways financially, as well as, companionship. I have watch others find happiness and I seem to be left out of all that. I have pleaded and pleaded with you to lead me to the right person and I am still waiting.

I know it is only in your time and not in mine. I pray I meet someone before it is too late, Lord. I need companionship and a best friend too. My dear Lord, I pray you deliver me from evil that I have been so worried about. I want to put that behind me forever and ever. I have paid that supreme price too and I have to deal with it for a long long time. This has been a very stressful and very very painful mistake I have had to live with for seven weeks now. Two days after Christmas was not a good day at all and then Feb. 4 wasn’t either when I began to have a little bit of hope again. I am putting all my trust in you and pray the other two incidents never happen. I have to move on with my miserable life for now until I can find peace and happiness again.

I praise you and honor you, Lord. I am back in church and I am beginning to enjoy it more and more. O Thank you, Lord for leading me to the church I am now attending near my home. I am beginning to feel your presence there and everywhere I go. It is what I need back in my life, Lord. You are my light I live for, Jesus. I accept you as my Lord and Savior and you paid the supreme sacrifice for dying on the cross for our sins. I have sinned and know you washed them all away. Please forgive me for all my sins for I am having trouble forgiving myself.

I am trying to become a better person. In your name I pray. AMEN

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