Prayer for Hope for Today

Dear Lord, I come to you to pray for a good day and a very good week. I am pray that I will find prosperity in all ways in life for the coming years to come.

I need a miracle to happen in my life and to fine prosperity and love this year, especially. I feel I have been punished over and over the past several years and never seem to get ahead at anything I do.

It is has been so hard on me, Lord and I feel whenever something good happens to me some had happens to take away my happiness and joy. I praise you and thank you, Lord for all the blessings you give to me. But, it is quickly taken away with something bad that always seems to happen right after that. Please, Lord, do not forsake me.

I want to feel your presence all the time. I have accepted you as my savior and need you to keep Satan out of my life and my way of happiness and joy. I need financial help and I need love in my life. That is what I need most from you, Lord. I know you love me and will lead me to those needs. In your name I pray. AMEN

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