Prayer for Hope for the helpless

by Lisa (Texas)

For the past three years my children have not been able to see me on a regular basis and denied visitation that was decreed in my divorce decree with my husband.

I was granted visitation rights by court order and these rights were taken away by a corrupt family court system. My ex husband is rarely home and leaves our children with his parents. They hold a grudge against me and have been extremely hostile and abusive towards me and caused emotional trauma to my children because they have denied them from seeing me.

I have fought for my children and I for the past three years, and little has changed other than draining my family’s resources to fight this corrupt situation and I am on a fixed disability VA pension.

I am a disabled veteran. In addition to this I have had my car in the shop for over a month and the mechanic has not fixed the car and keeps charging me for parts that do not fix the car. I haven’t been able to go to mass or attend Legion of Mary, as I so desperately have hoped because of my car being in the shop for so long. I cannot even work because I have no vehicle because of this to supplement my income to help with the court fees for seeing my children.

Please pray for me. Please help

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