Prayer for hope for my PA results

O Lord, I am feeling hopeless right now. I need to continue in the Physician Assistant program and I need your help. I need a miracle to continue to stay in the program. My parents expect so much and I’d hate to disappoint them. I’m at the point of losing all hope. I need you to help me, you have always been there for me during good times and bad. I desperately need you Lord to be there for me.

Please, I know people say you have a good plan stored for each and everyone of us. Please, I really do want to be a physician assistant, and help people. The way things are going right now I feel hopeless.

I was looking at different colleges to transfer to and it’s just getting me stressed, nervous and depressed. I don’t know what to do. I keep praying hoping for a miracle. Lord please be with me. I need you always.Amen.

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