Prayer for hope for financial stability and peacstae of mind for my fiance and I

by Louie D (Toms River, Nj)

Lord please forgive us for knowingly spending money we don’t have. This indulgence has put us in a very procarious situation and has put a strain on our union. Please give us the strength to overcome this obstacle and give us the in peace that we so much need! I have faith that our life together will be one of joy, happiness and financial stability and bring overwhelming happiness to everyone in our lives. Lord you have never failed me once so I have faith that you will answer my prayer this time and all of my future prayers. I asked forgiveness for not praying as much as I have in the past and I give my word I will pray every day going forward. I know you will answer this prayer my lord and I know you will answer everyone else’s prayers today as you are the almighty lord!! I love you my lord and will always be devoted to you! Amen.

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