Prayer for Hope for a better future

(Lumberton, NC )

Pray for me, my boyfriend and my son. My son has disabilites and wants to find someone who will accept him and love him. He has no one but me. He wants true friends and a girl who will accept him, love him and take care of him. Pray he will find someone to share his life with.

He is lonely and tries to hide it, but I see it all the time. Pray for my relationship with my boyfriend, he has people from his past interfering in our relationship. Pray these people will leave him alone and let us be together. Pray our bond will grow stronger with each passing day. Pray he will be honest, and stop hiding things from me. Pray he will spend time with me and my son.

Pray we can get out of debt. We want to buy a house and get married. We cannot afford to do that. Pray that things in our lives will get better and we will have a good life together. Pray we can find better secure jobs as well. Pray that I can start trusting this man.