Prayer for hope, finances, and daughter’s life

by Carol (California)

Dear God, I pray there is still hope for not only helping us out of this overwhelming debt at this time of my retirement. My daughter is struggling with finances as well and her partner needs your guiding hand to help him find his way to a successful career so that he can provide for them and a happy future.

His checks are diminished for child care from a previous relationship, he has no car and no college education. I pray that he can give up smoking, can move forward in his career choice by passing a journeyman’s exam and improving his work opportunities so they can be free to create a home that is happy and free from debt. My daughter needs your guidance in making rational decisions to control her finances and your helping hand in keeping her healthy and free from depression.

I worry constantly about all of these things and pray and cry for your merciful help. My life and family’s life are in your hands and full of hope.

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