Prayer for hope and peace

by Joan (New Zealand)

Almighty father;

Thank you for all the blessings and trials in life. You always carry us when life seems so unfair. Please forgive us for all our sins and for what we do and we over did. I ask you to bless and grant me my pleas. Please help me land a part time job, since am miles away from my children and family. I dnt want to lose hope for I know you have greater plans for me. By, then help me not to worry finances here as am alone and no where to run. Let not temptation come over me. You brought me here as you granted our prayers and plans please do not live me, you know my needs and plans. Father, I know you love us so much. Please guide and bless our relationship (Roy and I). Let there be true love, honesty, patience and understanding with one another. Let our love be eternal..Keep us in your eyes and love. Keep also our children, let them grow in love, peace and fear with God. Keep us also free from sickness and spare us from anything that can ruin us father.
Above all, may there be peace in everyone’s life. Grant all our prayers, may all be in your will.
These I ask and pray unto your name. Amen!

Thank you,

Joan Sanchez Miguel

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