Prayer for hope and a better future

by Celeste (Houston Texas)

Heavenly Father in Jesus name i pray. I know this is a test , and i am very much ready to be your humble servant. To show you i am worthy and faithful to you, please guide me to provide a better life and enviorment for my daughter . We need happiness and hope .

I believe my mentality is on to a better path . But im so depressed i feel so stuck and obligated to the life i live now . To make other people happy . I honestly dont know how much more i can take. From my deepest thoughts and emotions , please give me a breakthrough for the better. So i can recover from this dark chapter of my life .

I am being treated unfairly by my mother who mentally abused & controlled me since i was a child . I need to leave her house for the better of our relationship. Except i have nowhere else to go. Im afraid if i stay any longer i will be damaged for life , and will have a hard time forgiving her in the end . There is sombody i am deeply in love with but it is a forbidden love i think we are meant for eachother .

I promise my intentions are not evil or sinful when it comes to this love i have. I dont want anybody to get hurt. So i pray that he comes along naturally from you as a blessing . Forever faithful in your name i pray Amen.

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