prayer for honest kind work colleagues

by Natalie (New York)

dear lord, i am a young girl living alone in new york city. as hard as i try, i cannot tell who is real or not in this town. who is honest and speaking truth in your name or who is insincere.

I do not want to struggle anymore and I ask kindly oh Lord that you make anew my working relationships and friendships so only those closest to you oh lord in mind and heart come into my life and influence me. I want to take care of my family using my gifts and I wish to be guided in the most right way, in the most correct manner in service of this undertaking and of the creative energy you have given me oh lord.

I do not want to be lusted after or controlled, i simply want the opportunity to do good work and take care of my family. thank you all and god bless you with love and protection throughout your life.

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