Prayer for Home Refinance

by Charyn (USA)

Father God, I humbly kneel before you in need of strength and guidance as I walk through the process of refinancing my home so that I can provide a full and abundant life for my young child. I have climbed many mountains and crawled through barren land with Your help. I have taken many hits, almost been cut down completely but my faith has remained rooted in Your Glory. My body bears scars that I do not complain about because it is Your will.

I pray that You watch over me and my child as we go through this process. I pray that the mortgage broker assigned to me is being just and fair working in my best interest and is truly able to offer me a sound solution. I pray that You help me guide this mighty ship that I am sailing on rough seas to calmer waters. Lord, You know my heart better than anyone else. You have seen the good I have brought to others and the lives I have touched. I do all and ask for nothing in return. I trust in You, Oh Father God, that You will guide me through this and give me Favor in refinancing my home so that my child will have the resources to reach her goals and that we will be able to have comfort in our lives.

I humbly ask this prayer to be answered in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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