Prayer for his return

by Sonali (India)

God please grant me and him the strength to go thru this bad time and to emerge stronger, as a couple and as individuals.

That said, please help us sort this out and emerge with happiness together at the other end, with lessons learned and new resolution to make this work and for this not to happen again.

I know I am having a hard time with this God, and there are a lot of people we made happy when we got together. Please help them find faith in us too, and grant them the strength to support us in this.

I know I have never appealed to you in written form before, but I feel that by putting down in concrete form, I make it more real, that in the end, we have to turn to within ourselves and a higher power to make things right.

I know we made mistakes, and I know I did my share in making the last few months hard. But, please please know that I always loved him, even when I had doubts, I had faith in his love for me. I am deeply sorry for taking it for granted and I will try in the future to never do that again.

He gave me security and stability, qualities I needed, but always underestimated. I gave him excitement and security too. Please return that to our relationship that we may build on it for the future.