Prayer for him to remember i love him

by Peyton (Georgia)

Dear Father,

This week my boyfriend decided that he has too much chaos in his life right now to deal with a relationship. Ease his worries, his pain, and his stress. Help him to move through this tough time.

Please help him to see that I wish to be with him throughout all of his hard times. Help him to remember that I love him with everything I have and everything that I am. He means the world to me Lord, and this breakup has simply reinforced in my mind that living without him is not something I can deal with. Father please hear my prayers.

Please let this pass, and Lord please keep me in his mind and heart. Guide him in all that he does and please help him decide to give us another chance. Even though I am young Lord, and even if he isn’t the “One” you have chosen for me, please allow him to return to me. Help him see that I am completely sincere about my love and that I am patient and willing to change for him.

Give him the strength to push aside his pride and want to try again. I have always been faithful to him, and have truly tried my best to be the best person I can be for him. I miss him so much Father, and I am completely prepared to do anything that it takes to make our relationship work. Please Lord, help him to be equally prepared and willing.

I know that I have not been always obedient to Your will; please Lord forgive me of my sins. I know that there are so many other people who have it worse off than me, but I am hurting so badly. I can not focus on my work and I am emotionally sick with grief. Please Lord, answer my prayer.

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  1. Thanks

    I have a similar problem in recent days, and when I have problems
    I’m a mess trying to pray I think I have so much in my mind, but your prayer helped me out, I followed it trying to adapt it to my situation and I’m still praying hoping to have a response sooner or later!

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