Prayer for him to feel the same way about me.

by Rose ()

Dear God, this prayer is somewhat selfish but I have no other recourse than you – my only savior.

I wish this feeling would just go away because it’s not inspiring nor motivating me but instead it makes my every day miserable. But no matter how I wish for this feeling to just fade, my mind and my heart keep on telling me that he is the man for me and that I should just wait and pray.

Although I have no right to ever feel this way about him because I am just a simple woman with a child out of wedlock. And he is someone almost perfect at least for me. He have no vices – he doesn’t smoke, drink, gamble, womanizing. He believes in you God. He is very good looking and tall. He is very sweet even to his Mom and sister and to probably his friends as he is so kind and nice.

He is popular with lots of interesting hobbies while I am just the boring introvert loner shy kind. I know he also have his own flaws as he is just human, but he have more good attitude than bad. This feeling is making me sad and lonely each day.

Him and me is impossible but I have fate that nothing’s impossible with you dear God. And so I am here looking for ways to somehow believe more. To pray that one day maybe my heart’s desire will be granted.

I pray that no matter how different we are in all sorts, I pray that he will be the man to love me till death and to be the father figure of my child. I pray that he will be the one to take care of me and who will be the one who’ll protect my son from all danger.

The man who will make me and my child happy. the man whom I will love and take care for as long as I live. The man whom I will be faithful with.