Prayer for him to enter my life

by Emily (Chicago, Il, USA)

I started praying to God that He would bring me someone who cared about people, was helping to others and loved Jesus. A week later I saw a boy who helped someone else in a wheelchair, for me it was love at first sight. I then prayed that he could be mine and a couple days later he smiled at me walked towards me and sat right next to me when the whole library was empty and full of seats. I had noticed at school that he was staring at me and would always sit next to me. After a while I found out that he liked me and so did I. He was she and so was I, thus we did not say a word to each other only hoping that the other would initiate a conversation first. One time we stared at each other for five seconds straight and as awkward as that sounds it did not feel awkward at all. After about two months I noticed that instead of sitting next to me like he did for the past two months, he walked right past me purposely and sat across the room alone. Today I saw him again, after months. We looked at each other in the eyes and he kind of put his head down a bit. We were alone and he took his friend to class and then sat across the hallway. I couldn’t help but wonder if he still felt the same, if he still had feelings for me. He is not your average young adult boy, he is very quiet and reserved just like me and is constantly helping others. I can’t help but feel a fire inside me and he beings me closer to Jesus. Please pray for me and him, I am not sure if I should contact him or wait it out. Please pray that we will enter into each others lives for the better. Thank you all !

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