Prayer for him to come home, judge shows mercy, find not guilty.

Lord I am reaching out to you to knock on his heart.

Bless him with your presence and peace and hope.
I pray that he finds you tonite, and every night.
I pray that you bless his attorney, and judge.
I pray that you allow them to see what good he has done, is doing, and wants to do with his life in the world.

Lord I know this is out of my control but I am feeling helpless and hopeless.
I pray that you give me and his family hope and peace by bringing him home tomorrow. I pray that you bless all the paperwork, and people involved in this case and that he will be rewarded for the good he has done, not the bad.
I pray that if I must speak, you speak through me.
I pray that you help me lead his heart to you and that he is accepting of it.

I pray that this case goes in his favor, his life has changed Lord.
Please Lord God, please, give him a miracle.
Come into his heart and grant him peace and hope.
Help him be still Lord, help us find a way to get this case out of his life, and let him move on finally from his past.
Lord I believe in Your plan, I believe in Your will. Please grant me peace, and please give me the words to comfort him during this difficult time.

Lord I am begging you, from the bottom of my heart Lord, this is my desire. Jesus please show Your mercy, and allow the judge to see mercy as well. Please Lord keep blessing me, but bless me especially tomorrow. Bless his family and him and let freedom be the outcome Lord. In Your Holy Name Lord!

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