Prayer for him that I love much

by RNS (Indonesia)

Dear Lord, You know that I love this man dearly. You know that I care about his happiness a lot. You know that he was betrayed by another woman and felt hurt badly.

You witness what has been going on between I and him through upside and down in life this past three years. You know that he loved that woman and still talking about that woman to me every single day. You know that he shares his feeling to me and it hurts me to see him gets hurt that way.

You know that at some point I released him to be happy with that woman but she betrayed him again. You know that I never can leave him alone, not when he still need me. You know that his feeling to me is not the same way as my feeling to him. You know that I always hope that he can love me back and forget the past. But you also know that I want a total devotion, loyalty and love from him. You also know that I want to be happy. You also know that I want a man who loves me in return. I just cant stop loving him whatever I do. You know that he is a good guy.

He is the best friend and brother I can have. He is the best man so far in my life. Please Lord, help MPY to recover from hurt as soon as possible. Please Lord, help me to not so obsessive about him. Please Lord, help me to love him unconditionally.

Please Lord, if it is good for Your plan, touch his heart to love me in return. Jesus, please touch his heart to start forget his past, his hurt and that woman and has a courage to love me in return because I love him dearly. But Lord, please also lead us into Your plan, be merciful and grateful for the blessing we have, and accept each other feeling and decision.

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