Prayer for Her to Find Her Way Back To Me

by Dennis (Croatia)

Dear God, I know i didn’t pray a lot to you, i know I am a sinner and I know i’ve hurt this wonderful human being who does not love me anymore. I pray to you every day for her, to give me a chance to show her i have changed and that I’m good for her.

Give me the power to fight, to go on and hope for a better life, give me a chance to prove myself I’m worthy of your blessings and her love.. Mend her heart to see me again as a true and loving partner, as no one can ever love her as much as I do…

We are not talking, not even friends, but I would love to hear from her at least, she is probably happy in the arms of another man and if this is her happiness I must be happy for her even if that is tearing me apart.

Please God, help me to go on, find a way back to her heart.. It’s the only thing i will ever ask.


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