Prayer for her to feel same way about me please.

by Ed (U.S.A.)

My God I pray in the name of your son Jesus. To accept my adoration You and only You can save me from my sins. You created the earth with only words and you made the light by commanding so.

I wish I didn’t have my will but that only what You were to command, I would do,but this blessing also a burden to have free will. Making me feel this way, that makes me sin against You. Oh Mighty Lord. So I doubt my words if they are right in your Heart. I would only feel your ways and not my own.. but pity is myself because I have feelings that make me sin against You. So for that I beg My Lord to forgive me from such sins.. but Your word says that if I asked with the purest intentions I shall receive. You know my heart my Lord and I have been praying long days and nights full of pain and hopelessness. You know my mind and actions and you know everything about me.. from child to the day of my last breath.. but I beg in my knees to hear the plea of your son.

Tho my words are not worth being listened by You. I humbly request you can make Norma Martinez feel the same way about me. I pray that You heal her heart from past experiences because only You my Lord Jesus can heal her heart and see the good in me, and see that I can make her happy as a man, under the guidance of You my Lord. I accept that Ive done wrong at times but with your guidance you can heal and make everything right again.. you can make whats not enough, enough again. So here I am among people, fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of prayer and need of You my Father and I humble request for them. But please keep in Your heart my prayer.

Only you know why I am in my knees praying this for and I know I cannot fool you so I humble ask to please find the way and find the hows and the to’s to make our life’s come together and make her see the good I see in her. In Jesus name I pray and Im positive you will hear my words of me and my brothers and sisters. Amen.

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