Prayer for help,with Rent

by Heather (Billings,Montana)

Please,I need help with rent 1020.00.We have gotten a 3 day eviction notice on 3-5-2017 Went to ask for help,but there was no funding until first week of April.

Have tried looking for work,but it is difficult.Part time only. Our rent is 510.00 a month.Our van died that is why my husband got let go.The bus system here stinks.It was during Dec of last year when our van died so he lost his job.Now we are on the verge of getting evicted.

But what hurts me the most,is that I don’t want to see die(euthanasia)lack of room from animal shelter.These 3 babies are my kids,they mean the world to us.

Please pray for us and our three babies? I also pray for people who are in the same boat we are in.Thank you