Prayer for help,protection and peace

by LM (Florida)

I have next door neighbors that have been making our lives miserable for months. They have lied and manipulated the property manager into thinking everything they have done to us isn’t true as well as lie and was caught doing other things that were actually proven for the manager to terminate the lease.

I don’t understand why these people were put next to us and it’s very stressful living next to them. I personally prayed to God not to put people like that next to us after the good, last neighbors moved (evicted) for being really behind on their rent. Unfortunately, my prayer wasn’t answered and it’s tearing me apart.

Our lease will expire soon and I don’t want to live next to these neighbors another year. Please pray that my family and I will find peace really soon and in the meantime,help and protect us from these next door neighbors who have made our living experience horrible and that all of their lies and manipulative ways come into the light and make the property manager take the appropriate action so any future families who move in the unit will not have to deal with these people the way that we have.

Thank You for reading my prayer request.