Prayer for Helping My Aunt in the Trials She is Facing

by Ashley (Henderson Nv.)

Lord i come before you today and ask you to please help my dear aunt overcome the trials she is currently facing. She has a servants heart and soul and has always done for others And she has come to a time in her life where she is in a deep depression feeling worthless hopeless and alone.

She needs her famiys love and they are failing to give it to her i pray that you will remind her that no matter what shes going through she is never alone because she has you and you will never forsake her nor leave her. You will love her no matter what. Sometimes its hard to remember that when in such a dark and lonely place. I am asking you to allow her to feel your love stronger than ever before. Strengthen her faith and please give her some peace of mind and comfort knowing that you have a plan for her life.

That she will overcome this. Help her seek you when life is feeling hopeless and worthless. Help her to see all the good she has done for others. Please lord remind her that all things are possible through you and if she can just believe that and have faith in that even if thats the only thing she is capable of doing that it will save her life. Lord i know in my heart that you are hearing my prayer and working feverently to answer it. I thank you for the blessing of my aunt. she has played a huge role in my life one she didnt have to play.

I love her dearly. I ask this one last thing lord and that is to put a hedge of protection over her ..from the top of her head to the soles of her feet lord. Protect her from satan as he is trying with all his might to destroy her. I ask all this in the might name of jesus. Amen

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