Prayer for Helping Me in All My Requests

by Martin (Kampala)

Praise God. I have a neighbor at home who is a big witch called and has really tormented me, my children and others. He wants to steal part of my land and even bribes courts of law to judge in his favor.

He did this when we were in court and I appealed. The judgment for the appeal is coming on 11th December, 2015. My prayer request is I win the court case, I get my land and titles and he also gets convicted for cheating all land he has been involved in.

He has even been responsible for some peoples death and wanted to kill me too, that is how dangerous he is. I also pray that he goes away and leaves forever i take possession of the place.

Also, I bought a house and got all documents for it. However, it turned out that another party is claiming the same house that it was mortgaged to them. On initial investigation, it is like I was given a wrong title, but I had verified and the title I have is the one on the file in the land office.

My verification before buying was therefore correct but the forgeries were most likely done internally by government officials conniving with the owner to avoid the mortgage and sell the house. I have possession of the house and in court with Bank and Government. I ask for your prayers that I do not lose it and instead get all the correct documents in the name of Jesus.

I also have to kill me, my father and some of my other siblings who are saved of family property. Please pray that these bad people are exposed and whatever they are doing to backfire on them.

Please pray for God to release my star and destiny so that I can prosper and excel in my finances to be wealthy and my business to expand and my prophesies to come to pass. Amen and thank you so much.

I have two people I employed in my office but they seem to be coordinating with my enemies. Please agree with me that they leave my office forever and not to return. Amen.

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