Prayer for help

by A Lost Soul ()

Dear God,

I’m sending you this prayer today asking you for financial relief. As I admit to sins and pray for forgiveness, I am not a bad person, I’ve just made some poor decisions. I am officially in over my head and am no longer even making ends meet. I am accepting full responsibility for the things going wrong in my life. I am asking for your guidance and a financial miracle to improve my situation for my son and I. I pray that you help me break free of the chains that are holding me back and help guide me to being the person that I know that I can be.

I thank you for everything that you have done for us and I pray that you continue to be with us. I pray for peace in my heart and in my head. I admit to having harmful thoughts towards myself . I just feel like there is no erd in site. I pray that you help heal my heart and my mind. With YOU, all things are possible. Thank You for all of your blessings and I just pray that YOU continue to be with us.

Thank you lord, AMEN

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